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Transport – the fastest delivery method after the air. Therefore, it can be applied in many land supply chains, given that the cost of road transport is lower than that of air.
LSA The company provides services in the field of road transport by providing additional forwarding, logistics, legal and customs support. We provide import and export road transport in Ukraine, the EU and CIS countries, providing customers with perfect service and delivery on time. We perform extraordinary tasks, as to every client we have an individual approach.
Own fleet of 150 modern vehicles designed for the carriage of any cargo, including hazardous. Also, we are able to transport general cargo individual beads.
We work with major carriers, both in Ukraine and in Europe. This makes it possible to offer our clients competitive rates for international freight transport. And to ensure timely and safe delivery, especially if we are talking about dangerous goods. In addition, we track the location of trucks, refrigerators and other traffic on the entire route.