Sea container transportation in Ukraine

Sea container transportation in Ukraine – it is one of the cheapest and most convenient method of transportation of goods in export and import activity. This kind of transportation is most popular for the reason that allows you to deliver the goods from one end of the world to another with the least cash costs. Also for marine container transportation are suitable for almost all types of goods, except, perhaps, oversized.

Company Uni-Laman Group provides services for both schemes:

– Full Container Load (FCL) – one container load cargo consignee. This service allows you to take full advantage of container shipping: low cost and minimal risk of cargo damage.
– Less Than Container Load (LCL) – one of the most popular types of container shipping, which allows to transport small consignments.

This gives our customers the opportunity to carry their loads as a whole containers, and download only a part of its cargo of container for transportation of small parties. Company Uni-Laman Group provides services in most countries of the world, and constantly continues to expand this list to container shipping went smoothly and without a hitch!

Sea container transportation in Odessa

One of the main specialties of the Uni-Laman Group is the organization of international container traffic through the ports of Ukraine, China, Georgia, Iraq, Russia and the Baltic countries, and we continue to actively expand the scope of its activities, providing also services for the transport of containers between any of the countries and ports around the world. We offer customers the most optimal transport solutions, thanks to the experience and connections with agents and carriers worldwide.

At Uni-Laman Group has established stable and reliable relationship with the shipping lines, which allow our customers to get as low cost delivery of goods as well as favorable conditions for the storage of containers in the port of destination.

Container shipping

Working with our company, customers own the timely and full information about the dates of loading containers of various shipping lines on their vessels, the timing supply container to the warehouse shipper, the exact location of the container on the route of the cargo.

In the current economic conditions of world trade, sea container transport – the most profitable way to deliver cargo, compared to road or air transport, as container shipping have lower costs and are much more reliable.

Proper operational offices in China, Georgia, Russia, as well as strong partnerships with the world’s leading container lines, preferential conditions of use of the above terminals and competent management allow us to save on transportation of container loyal prices that are not available to competitors.

Uni-Laman Group practices an integrated approach to maritime container transport. When calculating the amount of the contract for container transport is taken into account the cost of related services:

– Custom documentation;
– Optimization of cooperation with foreign suppliers;
– Forwarding, warehousing and security;
– Repacking and handling;
– Quality control of the goods by independent surveyors.

We offer:

– Delivery “Door to Door” on all continents

– Professional cargo handling
– Dedicated staff engaged in shipping containers
– Optimize your transportation cost and competitive rates
– Ability to use any type of container in the course of carriage of goods respectively to customer requests