LCL in Odessa

Delivery of cargoes to Ukraine (Less than Container Load – LCL) is the most effective and most cost-effective solution in cases when it is required to carry a small consignment of 1 cubic meter. The main advantages which are characteristic for transportation of cargoes in Ukraine is their ease and efficiency. Due to the efficient use of cargo space achieved significant cost savings. Also undeniable convenience of transportation of cargoes is that this type of cargo transportation is usually carried out “door to door”.

Company Uni-Laman Group is a recognized leader in the delivery of cargoes to Ukraine and Odessa. We deliver the collection of goods by any mode of transport in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova from ports all over the world, such as China, Turkey, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, USA, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, YUFR, South Korea, Thailand.

Delivery of cargoes to Ukraine

Party goods are consolidated in the port of shipment and loaded into a collection container. We ship general cargo to Ukraine on a weekly basis, followed by the port of entry to disband the goods vehicles and groupage cargo is delivered to the recipient’s warehouse. This process helps to reduce the cost of corporate customers on expediting.
Delivery of cargoes in Ukraine includes:

– Information gathering and processing of your application

– Delivery to the consolidation warehouse for your own application with our agent factory;
– Passage of warehouse handling – packing and marking of goods in one of our warehouses;
– Execution of export documents;
– Transportation to Ukraine;
– Customs clearance of the arrived cargo;
– Targeted delivery of the customer’s warehouse.

LCL in Odessa

If necessary, we carry out certification of the goods.

We have the strength to fulfill all your requirements.

You should not waste your time on anything related to logistics, we will do it for you, allowing you to devote as much time to develop their own business!
Our prices are acceptable and competitive in the market, and the cost of delivery of cargoes in Ukraine is always individual and depends on the load parameters, the place and time of delivery.

For more specific information about the delivery of cargoes to Ukraine we offer call us at: +38 048 780 09 20 2312 or make a request