Turnkey Delivery

Delivery of turnkey – is the most demanded type of service in our time.
If you choose this type of service, the client does not need to worry about choosing the type of delivery, route, as well as search and selection of a customs broker, and so on, we will offer the best option both in price and so on delivery time, while respecting the best high standards of quality delivery.
We provide a full range of services in the delivery of goods may include: the purchase of goods in the country of origin, zatamozhka goods, packaging and labeling of goods in one of our warehouses, sending to Ukraine, customs clearance and delivery to the address the customer’s door. We podsilu fulfill all customer requirements.
You should not waste your time on everything related to logistics, we will do it for you, allowing you to give full time to develop your own business !!!
We osuschevstvlyaem International shipping of goods from China, India, Turkey, the United States and other countries. Shipping is any kind of transport depending of type of type of product and customer preferences: sea, air, rail and AutoShip, and as for the delivery of cargoes, in which we undisputed leader.
The cost of delivery is always individual and depends on several factors: the type / weight / size of the cargo, the place of the fence, and the place of delivery.
For the cost of such services should place an order at our site, or contact us by telephone +38 048 780 09 20 2312