International transportation of oversized cargo (OOG - out of gauge)

Cargoes that exceed the capacity of standard vehicles are considered oversized/out of gauge (OOG).

Depending on the parameters, such goods are divided into several types:

oversized, for the transportation of which standard vehicles are not suitable;

long – the length of the cargo is longer than the length of the vehicle, but transportation is possible when part of the cargo protrudes beyond the boundaries of the trailer;

heavy – the weight of the load exceeds the permissible load on a standard vehicle or one of its axles.


For example, oversized cargo is considered:

construction, agricultural and special equipment;


drilling rigs;

steam boilers;

motor watercraft;

ready-made metal structures, etc.

If it is necessary to send OOG cargo, UNI-LAMAN GROUP specialists will help you choose the best method of transportation, control the loading and unloading of goods, ensuring the efficiency and safety of delivery.

Required documents for the transportation of oversized items

Transportation of oversized cargo involves using of special equipment and obtaining additional permits from government agencies. The standard set of documents looks like this:
contract of carriage;
waybill (with a description of the route and characteristics of the vehicle);
consignment note and specification for the goods;
permission from the regional road services and law enforcement agencies of the country through which the transportation takes place (in the case of international transportation, such permission must also be obtained from the state bodies of the transit countries).

Rules for the carriage of OOG

Transportation rules may differ depending on the vehicle selected. For example, in order not to receive a fine for transporting oversized cargo by road, you must comply with the following conditions:

1. The load does not obstruct the driver’s view.

2. The load is distributed along all axes.

3. The truck is equipped with special fasteners to securely fix the load.

4. The driver observes the speed limit and does not overtake.

5. The vehicle is equipped with reflective signals.

6. All required special characters are marked.

 In large cities, there may be restrictions on the movement of freight transport, and in the summer period, trucks cannot go on the highway if the air temperature exceeds 28 ℃.

In case when cargo is shipped by vessel, the party responsible for loading is obliged to ensure delivery to the port and loading on board. It is important to clarify whether the vessel has special fastenings for oversized cargo.

The main requirement for the transportation of OOG by rail is uniform weight load on the chassis. Otherwise, the overweight may cause a threat to the integrity of the entire composition.

Work only with trusted carriers!

In addition, in order to organize the delivery itself, the responsible freight carrier always assumes the coordination of all bureaucratic issues. UNI-LAMAN GROUP managers have extensive experience in organizing oversized transport and will certainly help you obtaining the necessary permits.

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