Cargo insurance for international transportation

Customers often try to cut their freight insurance costs and doing this, they make a big mistake.


International transportation of goods is a long-term process, at each stage of which unforeseen situations are possible and this can lead to loss or damage to cargo. Without insuring the transported goods and relying on chance, the customer simply runs the risk of losing the invested funds. And there will be no one to blame for this, since the forwarding company that transports the cargo is not legally responsible for the danger at sea, fires, road accidents caused by third parties, etc.


Insurance contract, agreed in due way, guarantees that in the event of an emergency, you will receive compensation for losses, so you should not refuse it.

Types of insurance for the carriage of goods

It is important to understand that there are two types of insurance used in logistics:

1.Carriers liability. Provides compensation to the owner of the cargo in case when damage occurred because of the fault of the forwarder. Under this policy, there will be no reimbursement of funds for accidents and natural cataclysm.

2. Insurance of the cargo itself. Provides full compensation if the cargo is damaged or lost.

It is necessary to use both types of insurance in order to protect yourself as much as possible from the loss of financial investments.

Insurance cost for cargo

There are no uniform prices for cargo insurance. You can calculate costs of insurance based on the following data:

coverage conditions;
type of goods and packaging;
region of transportation;
type of transport, etc.

Common types of insurance coverage: full coverage, partial and partial coverage of the second category. With full insurance of the cargo, compensation for losses is guaranteed, even due to non-compliance with the terms specified in the contract.


We strive for transparent and honest cooperation, therefore we do not minimize the risks in the contract, but find the optimal solution. As an insurance broker, we help to solve all the problems associated with this procedure and accompany in the process of settling an insured event.

Reasons to work with us:

✔ Insurance according to international standards. The insurance policy will allow you to receive compensation for losses regardless of in which country and at what stage of delivery the force majeure occurred.

✔ Comprehensive insurance. In addition to reimbursement of losses caused to the cargo, expenses and contributions for general average (in case of sea transportation) and expenses for the salvage of cargo are compensated.

✔ Favorable prices. We will help you choose an insurance policy at the best price and coverage without unnecessary expanses.

UNI-LAMAN GROUP works only with reliable insurance companies.

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