Railroad delivery of goods

The carriage of goods by rail, although not so popular as delivery by sea, but has a number of advantages over others:

Less risk of loss or damage to cargo.
From Asia to Europe, goods arrive on average twice faster than by sea.
Lower costs.

Large consignments of OOG cargoes are often transported by rail: timber, ore, coal, etc. But this type of transportation also can be used for small volumes, since it is possible to consolidate them into one consignment.

Railway delivery services in Ukraine

Delivery by rail in Ukraine has advantages for customers of large consignments and OOG cargoes. Compared to other types of transportation, here are the following advantages of railway:

speed – delivery does not depend on traffic congestion and quality of roads;
do not depend on the weather conditions – trains are not afraid of rains and their movement is not restricted due to the heat;
low danger of force majeure.

When transporting goods by trains, it is necessary to take into account the reloading point – the station where the order will be removed from the train and loaded onto vehicles for delivery to the recipient’s warehouse.

Delivery of goods by train to Europe and CIS

Railroad transportation of goods in Europe and CIS is an alternative to truck delivery. At a time when truck delivery is increasingly limited by new rules and fees, the rail freight market is only developing and is not negatively influenced by government agencies.

The main advantage of this type of transport is that it can carry any type of cargo. For example, food, medical goods and cosmetics (often transported from the EU to Ukraine), and ore, coal, grain, and timber (usually sent for export from Ukraine).

But due to the difference in track gauge width, you have to add a stop for reloading t cargoes on the route. The train reaches the border of the country, and either the chassis changes, or the goods are transferred to temporary storage warehouses, divided or consolidated, and arranged for further deliver along the route to destination.

Our own cargo delivery service from China

Presently one of the main priorities for us is the transportation of goods by rail from China.

Previously, the railway communication between our countries was carried out only through Kiev. In 2021, thanks to efforts of our company, the first freight train arrived from the Chinese province of Guangdong to Odessa region. Now this train runs on a regular schedule, which makes it unique for the Ukrainian freight market.

And we continue to work on launching of new trains services from China for the convenience of our customers.

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